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DPC: Primary Care, Same Day Care, Health Optimization, and Everything Else

Direct Primary Care
Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) functions as an affordable, insurance-free option for the majority of our primary and acute visits needs by offering low monthly fee access to our clinic. There are no copays, no middlemen and no rushed visits.  Our visits range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, offering unhurried, comprehensive, and personalized medicine. Once someone joins our clinic, they are able to directly text or call Dr. Taylor, schedule visits remote or in person as is best for the situation. By avoiding traditional insurance models, we are able to provide streamlined care instead of prior auths, administration fees, and next available appointments months in advance. Want to text Dr. Taylor? Sure! Need to Facetime to look at something? Can do! See you in the office next week? Come on in! Simplicity is great, huh! 


-All-inclusive low monthly membership rate

-Unlimited office and acute care visits

-Relaxed office visit appointments, ranging from 30-60 minutes

-Same day or next day appointment availability

-Access to Dr. Taylor as needed, even after hours

-Optional phone or telehealth visits as needed

-Most in-office testing and minor procedures included

-Fitness lab testing provided to members at cost

-Group discounts for small businesses

-Transparent pricing, and relaxed office environment changing how we practice primary care

Sample Services


commonly ordered medication prices for members

Monthly Membership Prices

HCTZ, 25mg                   $3

Metformin, 500mg         $4

Levothyroxine, 100ug     $4

Lisinopril, 20mg              $4

Atorvastatin, 40mg         $5  


commonly ordered lab prices we're able to offer patients through in-office and external sites.

Membership Labs, Sample

CBC                                   $4

CMP                                  $4

TSH                                    $3

Lipid Panel                        $4

Hemoglobin A1c              $5

Vitamin D Level                $12


common procedures we can do in-office to get you on your way

Sample Office Procedures

Urinalysis                           Free

Abscess Management     Free

Ear Wax Removal             Free

Cryotherapy                         $5

Suture repair                        $5

Steroid Joint Injection       $10


see some of our commonly ordered imaging prices we're able to offer patients though our community partnerships

Community Partner Rates

Chest X-Ray                    $80

Back X-Ray                      $95

DEXA Bone Scan           $130

CT Scan                 $380-$600

MRI                       $650-$800

*prices based upon best estimates and market availability

Membership Pricing

















Note: Members under 65 who are Restaurant Industry Employees, Gig workers, Part-time, 1099, and those unemployed receive 10% off monthly membership   

*Please note we do charge a one time registration fee of $125 per membership. 

Pediatric patients

Currently, we only offer care to adults. However if there is community interest in the future, Guide Health may expand services to care for children ages 0-18.

Small Biz
Small Business Plans

At Guide Health, we understand how important it is to offer employees quality healthcare. Contact our office to discuss discounts for employers offering direct primary care. 


Benefits include:
-Personal medical team for all primary care needs
-Same day visit/urgent care flexibility 
-Remote visits available for employees to remain at the workplace
-Procedures/medications provided at cost
-Concierge level care for all employees

Still have more questions? Want to get a better idea if direct primary care could be a fit?

Lets talk! Schedule a free 15 minute call with Dr. Taylor to discuss and have your questions answered.

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