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DPC for Employers

Better Coverage for Employees

- Ability to offer primary care and urgent care to employees to address 80-90% of healthcare needs without referrals, ER visits, or hospitalizations with a guarantee of same day or next day availability. 

- Our services include telemedicine visits by video, phone, email or text, allowing employees to seek medical care at their comfort and convenience.

- Employers can drastically save while also improving care by avoid high-cost health insurance plans through combining Guide Health DPC with health shares or customized benefits packages. 

- Regional and National coverage possible beyond Chicagoland by partnership with similar clinics, allowing for access and coverage regardless of size and employee distribution. 


Case Studies on Business Success

Still have more questions? Want to get a better idea if direct primary care could be a fit for your organization?

Click below to schedule a call with Dr. Taylor to discuss and have your questions answered.

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