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Primary care,


Welcome to the  Clinic

The clinic offers care to a wide array of patients and patient needs. We offer two unique services, a monthly membership model of complete primary healthcare known as direct primary care for individuals as small businesses, alongside a

fitness optimization lab that offers a multitude of tools and analysis to understand individual physiology and fitness.

Walk in Nature
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About Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor is a Board Certified Physician in Preventive Medicine who wholly believes medical care deserves to be better.  His interests include individual care rooted in prevention and health care opposed to sick care. He is a lifetime runner and cyclist who has worked to better understand exercise science and physiology for he and his patients alike. Dr. Taylor is the lead clinician for the fitness optimization lab, and also offers complete primary care for patients 18+ through direct primary care. Outside the clinic, he can be found around the city at makerspaces, ranting about US healthcare policy, bike commuting, running the lakefront trail, and shoddily playing basketball. 


Fitness Optimization Lab Services

VO2 Max Testing
RMR Testing

In office treadmill based testing to accurately determine how much oxygen your body requires through incremental exercise to help individuals understand caloric consumption. Ideal for those seeking to better understand peak efficiency and  performance. 

In office testing using indirect calorimetry to determine individuals resting metabolic rate (RMR). This test accurately measures baseline calories burned at rest, allowing to understand calorie needs to guide individual goals. 

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